I try to find and photograph beauty in the ordinary things of life: the garden, the greenhouse, the home, days at the seaside, everyday objects and family holidays. These images are precious moments of life that I have tried to capture and want to hold in my memory. I use colour to try to reflect the mood and atmosphere of the moment, and to capture a sense of season and place.

I love to print my photographs: for me, the moment I take a photograph with my camera, I am visualising how it will look and feel as a print. My photographs are typically printed onto fine art paper, which often gives the impression they have been painted - an effect which is not possible to fully convey on a screen.

I love to meet with other photographers and find inspiration in their work. I am a member of my local Photographic Society and belong to a small group of local photographers - we meet each month to critique each other's work, spur one another on and put on group exhibitions several times a year - after all, pictures are made to be seen.

I have had the privilege of having some of my images selected for international exhibitions, which is always a huge honour and surprise! I have been a Finalist twice in the International Garden Photographer Of The Year Competition (IGPOTY) and also received a Highly Commended in that competition with an image taken in my Dad's greenhouse. These images were exhibited at the beautiful Kew Gardens in London. I have had a number of my prints selected for the annual London Salon of Photography Exhibition and was very honoured to be awarded a medal in their 2016 exhibition. In 2017 I was invited to become a member of The London Salon of Photography and now have the privilege of exhibiting images along with the other members and helping to select the images for their annual open exhibition.

The images are all deeply personal to me: there is nothing I love more in photography than the thrill of seeing a print come through the printer for the first time and being taken right back to how I felt at the moment of its capture.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my pictures and I hope you find something in them that you enjoy.


Rebecca Nex